Boyzone at Edinburgh Castle!


My mum wanted to see Boyzone for months, and I really struggled to get the tickets. The day before the concert, a work colleague could no longer go and offered me the tickets at face value. It was fate.

My mum was really excited, and the seats were fantastic!
I'm not Boyzone's biggest fan but I do love some of their songs so was really looking forward to it.
The support act was someone called Ben Montague - I'm not going to lie but I've never heard of him, but he wasn't on for too long. I was told he is someone off X-Factor, but I don't watch it so didn't make a huge difference to me.
And then it was the moment everyone was waiting for, Boyzone! They sang a couple songs I didn't recognise as they were out in 1993 and I was only 2, but bar that they were fantastic! I got loads of pictures and videos. They were very energetic on stage. Probably the most energetic bunch I've ever seen at a concert.
They also done tributes to Stephen who sadly passed away a few years ago, which were lovely and I'm sure a few people had a tear in their eye. They all admitted aswell that no-one could replace him, especially his high vocals, so a woman back up singer sang some of his parts to help out.
Ronan also pointed out that some of Stephen's family were at the concert, which then the crowd erupted into an applause.
I highly recommend going to their concert, they are still touring the UK, so hurry and get your tickets soon!

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