Sexual Assault - My Story


This has taken a lot for me to even write this sentence, never mind the title.
I wanted to share my story with you, as I know a lot of men and women (men can be sexually assaulted too!), keep quiet and don't report any kind of unwanted sexual behaviour they're suffering. But on this day, I spoke up.
I was sexually assaulted on a Monday morning in October 2013.

Health - The thorn in my side.


This post is a bit of a moan, so thought I'd put a picture of Gizmo up as he kind of cheers me up. Actually, he always cheers me up. So, yeah..
For the past god knows how long, I've been feeling ill. Not the "I feel sick" kind or "I'm in pain". I can't really describe it.
I feel exhausted, dizzy sometimes, light headed.. The other day I got a bit light headed while driving which scared me as I scraped my wheel off a kerb as it veered to the side. This isn't normal.

Boyzone at Edinburgh Castle!


My mum wanted to see Boyzone for months, and I really struggled to get the tickets. The day before the concert, a work colleague could no longer go and offered me the tickets at face value. It was fate.

Deceiving Dress Sizes - Why?!


I was already feeling crap about myself at the weekend, but trying on my usual size in jeans and discovering they don't fit made me feel horrible.
This happens to me in lots of shops. My sizes vary from a size 10 - 16 depending where I buy things from and what the item is.

Ted 2


When I heard this film was coming out, I couldn't wait to see it, but I honestly didn't think they could top the first film. I was wrong.
A couple of my friends who seen it when it first came out said they didn't like it. I genuinely have no idea why, I couldn't stop laughing all the way through the film!

Weekend Round Up #2


The weekend was again, very busy for Calum and I. On Friday, I had to get my hair redone (unfortunately) but it's now how I would like it, so I'm pretty pleased.

Toxic People - How to recognise them and remove them from your life


I've been having problems with toxic people who claim to be friends for a very long time now. And for the last few months, I have started to notice who comes under this category and I've removed them from my life. I'm not saying it's easy as it's not, but once they were gone, I felt so much better. I always try and surround myself with positive energy and by removing them, it gives you an instant boost!

Vitamins and Supplements



Now if you know me quite well, you probably know I take about five different vitamins/supplements every morning without fail. A few I can see the physical benefits from and some help me from the inside. I told a few friends of one I take and they all got it and seen the benefits within a couple weeks!



Flowers have nothing to do with this blog post, but they always bring a smile to everyones face, right?

Weekend Round Up #1


This weekend has been jam packed! 

I desperately needed my hair done, so I went to my usual hairdresser and got blonde ends, I also wanted a trim but Kerry hates cutting my hair haha! I chop and change all the time, and some can be quite drastic. So she convinced me to let it grow a bit more, so booked my next trip to the hairdresser for that long overdue trim at the end of August.

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