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I'm a massive fan of handbags. I've lost count how many clear outs over the years I've had to get rid of some over the years (some I wish I didn't but hey ho!). I got my first ever Louis Vuitton bag for my 21st birthday and I've not parted with it since. It's very rare to see me using another bag now a days as nothing can match up. I love how it's big enough for absolutely everything and has my initials in gold!

My Gok Wan Glasses. I don't actually know how long I've had these for, but I only usually wear them at computers - but as they're geek chic - they look great with any outfit!

My car keys and house keys. My house key is so big so I like to keep them separate from the others. Probably doesn't help that I have loads of keyrings either!

Feel like an old lady putting this up but saves me carrying around loads of different tablets! Most of the things in the compartments are actually supplements (will do another post on what I take), along with my antidepressants. Just a much easier way to carry them about.

My little compact mirror. I got this as part of a Christmas present from one of my mums friends from Northern Ireland and I absolutely love it! I love how its all pastel shades and has a vintage vibe around it. 

Nail glue and Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm. I get my nails done at a beauty salon every three weeks so if one falls off just before, its always handy to have this with me so I can stick it back on until my appointment. And in a previous post, I mentioned that I don't wear lip products unless I'm going out for a night out, meal, etc as I work on a building site. So all I really wear is this to keep my lips a lovely pink and moist. 

My notebook. My mum got me this for my birthday this year along with other stationary items. I have countless other notebooks and I can probably fill them all up! I like how this is small enough for my bag, for anything I need to keep in mind.

Now I don't know about anyone else, but I always carry this around with me for ID, even though I always have my driving licence too. For some reason, they always want to see two pieces of ID from me.. Not sure why..

My River Island purse. Again, like shoes and handbags, I have loads of these. This is just the one I'm loving just now. It can only JUST hold all my different cards inside!

My sunglasses! These are only a cheap pair from H&M but I love them! I got the little sunglasses case from Primark too. Both are meant to be for my holiday but I always wear them when I'm out driving, out with Calum, etc.

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