My little furry friend


Now, if you know me personally, you know I'm a massive animal lover, especially dogs. Over the years I've had loads of pets - countless goldfish and budgies, an evil hamster and three dogs (all at different times of course!). But the dog I'm mentioning is like my personal cuddle buddy - even though he doesn't belong to me.

You see, he's my neighbour's dog. But from the way he acts, you would think he was mine. He sometimes stays over at my house and we cuddle up and sleep, or play fight. I love taking him on massive walks too.

He's so obedient. I never take him off his leash but if I put it on the ground he stays right beside me. If I tell him to stop before crossing the road, he does. And when I say go, he goes.

Did I mention yet that he loves being pampered? I can sit and brush him for hours without him even flinching!

But what I love most about Gizmo, is that when I feel anxious or upset he presses his body right into me - like a tight cuddle. He just knows. I think all dogs have this sense. I would really love my own little dog, but I'll just have to adopt Gizmo for now!

He's a Shih Tzu and roughly about four years old so still has plenty of life in him yet, even though I think he would rather be snuggled up under the duvet!

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