Calum and I are members of Cineworld (highly recommend getting a card!), so we are always at the cinema. Both of us were wanting to see this for a while, we always wait until the hype goes down before we see it ourselves. Even though we went a week or so after the release it was still pretty busy!

I don't want to ruin the film if anyone hasn't seen it, but the plot is that Susan (McCarthy) works in the basement for a spy agency and helps one of the spy's via earpiece. The spy is killed so she volunteers herself to go out there and take revenge on the woman who killed him. She has so many different identities to go by, each one getting funnier every time.

I honestly couldn't stop laughing at this film, so I highly recommend everyone in seeing this! My favourite part was when a band from like 10 years ago who participated in Eurovision came on and sang, I couldn't breathe for laughing! Never expected them to be there at all.

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