Jurrasic World


When I first heard a new Jurassic film was coming out, I was soooo excited! I'm a bit of a geek and could literally play a part in the past films as I've watched them that much.

In this film, they've basically re-made Jurassic Park, minus Mr Hammond, so its now called Jurassic World. You can imagine all the new modern technology in this one compared to the very first one that was made. The difference in this one though, is that they have made hybrid dinosaurs. So imagine a T-Rex crossed with a Velociraptor, and a few other different dinosaurs.. BAM! Scariest thing ever right?
The scariest hybrid escapes and causes complete chaos as you can imagine. In the end, three dinosaurs gang up against it so its killed. All the way through the film, there are a lot of references to the very first film which will give any movie lover nostalgia.
The only bad thing I can think of about this movie is its very toned down. As in there's quite a few comedy parts and not a lot of gore like in the last films. But I would still highly recommend anyone to see this, especially if you've seen the previous films!
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