Mental health - my story


So, this probably isn't the happiest post to start with, but I thought I would get it out the way. I have suffered from various mental health problems over the last couple of years. Depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and OCD. Quite a lot huh?

But regardless of these labels, I still get myself out of bed in the morning. I still go to work. I still try and socialise, etc. Yes, I do have bad days where I would much rather hide under my duvet cover singing with my Smule Karaoke app and watch Disney films, but these are now very few and far between.

A lot of people always say they wouldn't guess I was ill. But why would they? Mental health problems are a silent disability. Anyone can suffer from them.

I don't want to go into the reason's behind my illnesses, as I said I've only had them a couple years. But all I can say is I won't let them beat me and will continue to fight them with the right help and medication (even though I hope to be off the medication soon!).

The only way to describe how I feel on a bad day is that I'm drowning in water while I'm watching everyone else breathing air.

I find the below very useful, especially if I'm having a down day:
  • Reading books
  • Baking cakes
  • Spending time with family or my boyfriend
  • Going out on day trips
  • Having a duvet day with my boyfriend
  • Big hugs
  • Having a pamper night
  • Drawing and much more
If you are feeling really down, please do not sit in silence and bottle it up, this only makes things worse.

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