Looking at Yourself through your Partner's Eyes


Lately, I've had a lot of body hang ups. And I mean a LOT.

I've put on weight due to my coeliac disease (which I've been told will drop off again), I hate my hair, my skin isn't clear and dewy.. the list is endless.

And who's at the top of my list for listening to my body hang ups? Yep, Calum, my boyfriend.

Now I know everyone has body hang ups, nobody truly likes what they see in the mirror. Calum is always telling me how gorgeous I am, I'm not fat.. and a million other different things! I don't think girls intentionally say their flaws to their partners to fish for compliments, I think it's just as we are so comfortable with them.

So at the weekend after another moan about my body, Calum again gives me a compliment. I decided as usual not to believe him. Then a little while later I read an article on four women who used to be trim size 8's and 10's who are now 16's and 18's and they're so much happier. And when I say happier, I mean they eat what they want, they don't feel obligated to follow the crowd and diet, etc.

This really opened up my eyes.

Why should we be all the same? What's wrong with eating what we want?

So I've decided from now on, I will turn my flaw's into something positive and believe Calum when he says I'm lovely.

We only get one life. So what's the point worrying about what you look like all the time?

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