Current Favourite Perfumes


At one point in my life, I could have opened my own perfume shop with all the perfume I owned. Now I only have a few bottles to choose from which makes it so much easier!

Vera Wang - Princess
This has always been my favourite perfume for a good few years now. I love how sweet it smells and that it lasts all day! Without a doubt, I go through two of the biggest bottles a year, even though I don't wear it every day.

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy
I got this a couple of years ago at Christmas from my mum and dad and still have a lot left! I prefer wearing this on a night out as it's quite strong to wear during the day.
Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream
I kind of bought this on a whim one day last September when Calum and I were staying at a lodge in the country side, and we decided to go into Perth for the day. I seen another blogger, Becca Rose, recommend this and I just had to give it a go! I love how floral all Marc Jacobs scents are, and this one has to be one of my favourites by him yet!
Miss Dior
Calum got me this gorgeous perfume for my birthday a few weeks ago. I think he got the idea when we were in Debenhams and I initially fell in love with the way it looked, then I had a little spray of it and I knew I had to purchase this one way or another. So was a massive surprize to see this on my birthday! Its a very girly and florally scent. I love to wear this if I'm going on dates with Calum, out for meals, etc.

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