Coeliac Disease: Whats it all about?


I know what you're thinking. What does this picture have to do with Coeliacs? Your answer is nothing at all. But there is no actual picture of this condition. People won't know the suffering from it.

So, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in April 2015, even though I've had stomach problems all my life and most likely to have had this all my life.

I've been finding it hard. Extremely hard.

I can't go to my old favourite eat out places. I can't eat certain foods, and there is no gluten free alternative for it.

Which is why I wanted to do a post on it. To raise more awareness.

Firstly, Coeliac Disease is NOT a gluten allergy. Most people tend to think this but it's much more serious than that. If you eat something with gluten in it, your immune system attacks the healthy tissue, which causes a tear in the gut. You experience all sorts of symptoms, like bloating, bad poops (this sounds better than the real word!), sore tummy, tiredness, etc.

Your body isn't absorbing the nutrient's it needs because of this disease. I'm currently going back and forward for blood tests as I'm really tired, so they can figure out if I need vitamin supplements to help my body.

Coeliac disease can lead to further health problems, especially if you don't change your diet. It can lead to osteoporosis, an iron deficiency, dermatitis, types of anaemia and even bowel cancer. I'm still waiting for my bone scan to rule out osteoporosis, but I think I will get these every now and then for the rest of my life to check.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this. I have to live with this all my life.

I'm a big pasta lover, and so far this isn't affecting me. Gluten free pasta tastes the same. even though I'm missing spinach and ricotta tortellini like mad. I've managed to figure out a gluten free way of making it.

Pizza is an easy bridge as well. I always preferred gluten free pizzas to normal pizza's anyway and I can't taste any difference.

The thing I'm finding difficult is not being able to have normal bread. Or sauces. Or have a takeaway once in a while. The bread is tiny and is as hard as a brick. There are hardly any sauces out there I can have with anything and I hate plain food. But the takeaway.. just a sore subject. I have a Chinese once in a while with chilli chips. that's all I can have unless I go out to a gluten free Chinese restaurant (which there are none in Edinburgh - boo).

The other thing that I hate about being coeliac is the price of food. You think that because there is one less ingredient it would be slightly cheaper right? WRONG. A loaf of bread from Asda cost me nearly £4 once, and it goes off a lot quicker! And going to restaurants and trying to see what's gluten free is a nightmare. I always have to look in advance.

There was one restaurant Calum and I went to, and I had a burger with gluten free buns and I seriously could not eat it. The bun was just to big and dry. This was when I first got diagnosed and still feeling a bit down about it at the time and it really upset me that I just couldn't go out for a meal with my boyfriend and have a nice time.

The only restaurant so far that I've found amazing is a Chinese restaurant in Glasgow called Lychee. I had a starter of barbecue ribs and beef and black bean sauce with rice for my main! Was so happy to get proper Chinese food! I highly recommend it if you're in that area.

A plus to be coeliac is you get some food on prescription. Bread, pasta, cereal.. not much but it's the staples I guess!

So yeah, coeliac has it pro's and con's. But it's just something you need to get on with.

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