CHSS Forth Rail Bridge Abseil


I was on a train to Glasgow when I seen this advertised, to do an abseil down the Forth Rail Bridge for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. This charity has a big meaning to me, especially as my Grandad had these kind of problems before he passed away. As soon as I saw it in March, I knew I had to do it.

As soon as I got home, I applied online to do it on 20th June - plenty time to get some fundraising done! I asked all my friends and family, splashed it all over Facebook, went round doors, etc.. Even my mum helped out by asking a lot of her friends from football.

I managed to raise nearly £600, which I'm quite proud of.

On the day of the abseil, I can honestly say I wasn't nervous. Calum, my dad and I saw other people abseiling down and it didn't look as bad as I thought it was. I think the abseil was about 153ft up.

Eventually it was my turn, we were all kitted up and taken into groups. I think the worst part for me was walking up all those steep steps to get to the beginning of the bridge! We had a 5 minute break then we walked up a less scary looking flight of stairs and walked along a path on the bridge, all harnessed in, under the railway. It sounded pretty scary when trains were passing just a few feet above our heads!

I got to a safety guy and he got all the ropes ready, and as I'm quite small I needed an extra harness around my chest as I couldn't pull the one around my hips any higher. I watched as the couple people beside me climbed over, lucky for them they had a part of the bridge to stand on but I didn't! I literally climbed over and hung on by my hands!

I hit my knee when I leaned back but bar that the rest was a doddle. All the safety guys above were shouting at me saying I must be a professional as I was going so fast, but truth was the gloves were too big and I couldn't get a good grip of my ropes!

I got to the bottom and just sat in the sand to let everything sink in. I honestly couldn't believe I just done that! My Dad, Calum and his parents were cheering me on. Afterwards I collected my certificate, abseil picture, badge and my t-shirt.

There is another one going on in October and I totally recommend it! The experience is amazing and one you'll never forgot, especially as its for a good cause!

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