20 Facts About Me


1. I'm 24 years old but I still get ID'ed for the national lottery..

2. I'm really into history and art, you can always catch me drawing with charcoal or reading something on royal history.

3. I've only been abroad twice to France (Euro Disney and Paris when I was 11) and Amsterdam last year. Calum and I have booked a holiday to Menorca this year though which I'm really looking forward too!

4. I have to drink EVERYTHING through a straw. If I don't have a straw, I won't have a drink unless its just water. I don't like the thought of the sugar, etc touching my front teeth.

5. Calum and I can sit and watch Food Network for hours. I love getting ideas for cooking from it!

6. I don't have a sweet tooth. I hardly ever eat sweets, I don't like sugary cakes, etc. I'm more of a pastry person.

7. I have Coeliac Disease. I've only been diagnosed this year so I'm still trying to adjust. It annoys me that I have to look at every single label now and can't go to my old favourite eat out places.

8. I currently have eight tattoos but planning on expanding this very soon. My strangest tattoo is dots on the side of my head which nobody but me really knows about as its under my hair (was taking part in a hair research thing..)

9. I've crashed my car twice but both times weren't my fault. The first time another car rammed the side of mines, and I collided with bollards. And the second time my brakes failed going 40mph, and smashed into the back of a taxi. Worst day ever.

10. I'm obsessed with stationary. Enough said.

11. Calum think's its strange that I speak to every animal I come across. One time I actually sat on the ground with some sheep and they were all nuzzling into me, so I was hugging them and speaking to them. Calum's face was priceless.

12. I don't have a favourite type of music or band/singer. My music is quite varied depending on my mood.

13. I LOVE Disney. I have a lot of Disney DVD's which I sometimes watch. Calum hates this, but he secretly loves the Pixar ones.

14. My favourite Disney Princess is Ariel. I love how she is absolutely different!

15. I actually like doing housework. I love dusting, vacuuming, gardening.. I hope my mum doesn't see this.

16. Calum and I are hoping to get a mortgage in the next couple years. I have all my house idea's on Pinterest so feel free to have a look.

17. I'm quite family orientated so I like to visit them when I can.

18. My favourite animal in the world (after dogs, obviously) is the elephant and I would love to help at an elephant orphanage one day.

19. I burn as soon as the sun touches my skin. I think its due to medication I was on as a teenager for acne but I'll never know. Factor 50 in Scottish weather looks ridiculous.

20. My favourite season is Winter, I just love buying cosy clothes, going to see fireworks or Christmas festivals, etc. But I hate Christmas. I know I'm weird.

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