10 things I would tell my 16 year old self


1. Please leave your hair it's natural colour.

I'm probably not the only one who experimented with their hair, but the extent I went to was unreal! First, I had blonde "patches" (was obviously so cool at the time). Then when crazy colour came in, you name it I had it. Red, blue, green, pink.. the list goes on! Oh and not forgetting the Pineapple hair do. Worst. Haircut. Ever. After this phase, I dyed it all a lovely chocolate brown, complete with harsh clip in extensions! As soon as I left school, I went for a white blonde pixie cut (drastic I know!) The upkeep of this was burning a hole in my pocket, so guess what I done? Yep, went for the black hair dye.. hundreds of £££'s and three years later - I went back to my natural colour - hurrah!

2. Boys are lame.

Just what it says above. Everyone in school was going out with everyone - me on the other hand didn't have my first proper boyfriend until I left school. And I'm glad. Too much high school drama for me. Obviously had school crushes but hey that's what high school is for right?

3. Make-up that doesn't suit your skin tone is a big no-no.

Orange concealer, white neck, panda eyes - just no. I'm now 24 and I'm always discovering new products or tricks. But at least now I'm embracing my paleness and wear proper makeup instead of the orange pan stick out Semi-Chem! Estee Lauder for life.

4. Fake tan? Stay away.

Every week without fail I would do my fake tan. I started with the wash off sun shimmer (so cool to have vampire sparkly skin that's orange obvs) then moved on to St Tropez. I can't believe I wasted so much time and money on this stuff to look like an orange. I always felt horrible after a few days with it on as it started to engrain onto your skin. Yuk.

5. Leave your eyebrows to the professionals.

Yes, the eyebrow waxing strips from Superdrug seem like a must have now, but a good few years down the line (and when you realise your eyebrows are nearly nowhere to be seen!) you'll thank me. I've not touched my eyebrows for a very long time and since I was 20, I go to a beauty salon to get them done. Angels in grey pinafores.

6. Don't hide the real you.

I always hid my real interests as they weren't deemed "cool" enough when I hung with my friends from school - and now we are all embracing our own individuality! I wish I done this sooner, would have saved a lot of hassle!

7. Don't worry about losing friends.

This is all part of growing up. We outgrow each other. And now I have the bestest friends in the world. I have two best friends from nursery/primary school, someone I met through work, etc. I seriously can't imagine life without them now!

8. Social media isn't life.

I remember running in from school to chat to all my friends on MSN Messenger, updating my Bebo and doing up my Piczo site. Now a days you'll realise (after a long chat with Calum) that Facebook doesn't revolve around everything. The only social media I have now is Instagram - trust me, best to keep it that way.

9. You'll thank your Mum and Dad for being overprotective.

I used to feel really left out when all my friends were still hanging out at 11pm at night but I had to go in at 9pm - 10pm at the latest. I now understand why they done this, I'm an only child and they wanted me to make the right decisions. A lot of my friends got up to no good, so I'm glad I managed to stay away from it all.

10. Acne? It will go.

Ever since I was 11 I had acne. Very bad acne. I was never away from the doctor trying all different lotions and medication to control it. And now? You would never think I had problem skin! Herbal remedies and a good skin care routine will find a way. Stick to it. You will outgrow it soon enough.

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