Pleased to meet you..


Hello and welcome to my lifestyle blog!

This is my little bubble on the internet, where I can share my thoughts, opinions, ideas and photographs with you all, and I hope you enjoy.

I thought the best thing to do for my very first post, is to let you guys know me better :)

My name's Sarah. I used to hate this name, but now I love it. I'm not named after anyone, my dad picked this as it means Princess in Hebrew. I don't have any middle names - but wish I did.

I'm an only child - this has pro's and con's! But even so, my cousins child calls me "Aunt" as I won't ever be an Aunt (she is the cutest little person ever!)

I'm from one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Edinburgh.

I cannot wait to get my own house with Calum (my other half - he will appear here a LOT) - I have so many ideas to create my vintage yet modern home.

I'm unsure what else to write in this post, but have so many idea's that I will share with you very soon - from gluten free recipes (I have coeliac's), Calum my boyfriend, my trips in and around Scotland & beyond, and my depression battle.

Love and cuddles,

S x

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