Goodbye 2015!


2015 has been one hell of a year. There has been lots of great times and lots of sad.

Five Happy Things #1



1. Christmas Markets
I come to these every year in Edinburgh, and it gets better and better every time. Calum and I went for a wonder in town on Sunday, and we ended up having a look around. Theres so many crafty stalls, food stalls, beer tents, Christmas rides, etc it's just magical. Calum ended up having a waffle with vanilla sauce and black cherries - it looks and smells so good! I didn't want to risk getting anything in case it contains gluten, but we luckily found a couple stalls were I can get something next time we go with friends. Also, the hot chocolate was to die for!
2. Extra Winter clothes!
Because who doesn't love wearing a scarf, mittens, ear muffs or a Russian looking hat?! Being toasty is what matters.
3. Adele is back!
I'm so happy! I have been a massive Adele fan from the beginning and her new single/album is just a breath of fresh air to me. I tried really hard to get tickets to see her in Glasgow, but they sold out pretty quickly. I will eventually go and see her, but until, then I'm just happy with her new music!
4. Dark nights
I prefer it when it's dark, no idea why. Probably because in a past life I must have been nocturnal.
5. Pretty Little Liars
I've only just started to watch this the last couple weeks and I'm hooked! I'm hoping to watch them all buy Christmas but I'm only on Season 2. Who wouldn't like to live in Rosewood?

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..


I know December is only a few days away, but I can't help but feel a warm cosy feeling for the countdown until Christmas!

Strangely, I'm one of these people that prefers the build up to Christmas day.. but here's just some small things that make me smile this time of year.


A day at Five Sisters Zoo!


I have always been a massive animal lover. Even though Edinburgh has a zoo, I thought it would be a change to go to this one. It was definitely worth the money! Calum and I took my niece Charlotte over the weekend and she loved it. It was round about £10 per adult and for Charlotte's age (she's 5) it was about £7. I also paid extra for a handling session, £2 per person, and to hand feed lemurs, which is £5 per person.

Not all the photo's are on here as there are so many, but I can't wait to go back already!

Bullying - My view and story


I think no matter where you go, bullying will always be there. It doesn't just have to be at school, it can happen in public, at work, on the internet, etc.

I was bullied. I'm not scared to say that. And I want to tell you what happened to me.



 "When the city of lights goes dark, the rest of the World lights up for her"


Biore Charcoal Strips - Does charcoal really work?!


I am quite literally obsessed with any products to do with getting rid of blackheads, etc. I find it strangely relaxing! I've heard for a while now that charcoal products are the best to get rid of clogged pores, so when I saw these in Boots I knew I had to give them a try!

My Little Pepe!


I've had numerous pets while growing up. In total I've had three dogs, a hamster, numerous budgies and fish. At one point I remember there being about 6 budgies in the house at once - was chaos but it was great! Every one of them had a different personality.

Winter Wardrobe Wishlist



I don't really speak to anyone about what I do with my psychologist. When people ask me, I usually just say nothing much or it was fine.

Having therapy shouldn't be something to be ashamed of. A lot of people now a days suffer from mental health problems, whether it has gradually built up over a period of time, or something traumatic has happened suddenly.


A Heavy Weight..


Lately, I've been feeling everything is on top of me and I'm really forgetful. I don't know why.

Volunteering with Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home


For work, we have to help the charities in the area we are working in. So I chose the Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home.
Animals have always been a big part in my life and I honestly don't know how many pets I've had over the years. I'm doing this for only 3 days unfortunately but I will be enquiring to do it longer.



Calum and I have discussed buying a house for a while now, but we really struggle saving for the deposit. I think we will start properly saving once Christmas is out the way.

We don't want to stop living altogether. We still want to go out for dinner once a month, or pay for a day our or concert in advance to have something to look forward to.

Remembering my Granny


1st October, would have been my Granny's 80th birthday. I don't think losing someone gets any easier. I think you just learn to live with it.

I've always been really close to my Granny. She lived around the corner from our house for many years, then she moved to two doors away from me, so I was there every day.

I have loads of good and funny memories of my Granny. Like when I was five she wanted to dismantle a table so gave me a hammer to break it (yeah, I know), but no matter how much we hit it, it wouldn't break. So she sat on it to think of another idea and it collapsed! She was laughing so hard, she had tears in her eyes.

Menorca Photo Diary!


Calum and I booked a holiday to a little village called Binibeca in Menorca back in December 2014. We have so been looking forward to this trip! These photo's aren't all of them, and they are not in any order. This is my first ever "hot" holiday abroad, as every where else I have been was in the middle of Winter or it was like British weather - raining all the time! We went snorkelling on a beach, went on a boat in Port Mahon with glass floors to see sea creatures and just generally wondered round.

We went to a hotel called Vanity Eden, which is an adults only hotel. It was all mostly couples and it was so peaceful. There are also a lot of wild/stray cats in Menorca so I did snap a couple of pictures of them, I wish I could have brought them home, they were so cute!

Holiday Beauty Purchases!


I don't think anyone can walk through the Duty Free section of the airport without buying a bargain! Some of this is from Edinburgh Airport, Mahon Airport and also the Duty Free Shop in Mahon (yes, there really is one!!!). Just to note, I'm not bragging about what I bought, in no way shape or form. I also apologise for the photo quality, I caught a virus while visiting Menorca and I didn't have the energy to get the lighting correct. I will add links to other shops where you can buy these products.

I have wanted Chloe perfume for a while now, so when I saw this at Duty Free, I knew I had to have it! This perfume specifically has only came out very recently, and I absolutely love it! It's a very musky smell which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. It also lasts all day!

Dermalogica Face Mapping Experience


Before I went on holiday, the beauty salon I go to offered to do this for me, which is free. I was quite interested to learn more about my skin and how to look after it better.

Autumn Clothing Wishlist


Its my favourite time of year again, when the leaves will soon start to crisp up, the cold will slowly come creeping in.. and all those cosy clothes coming out! Here are just some picks from ASOS that I will need to lust after until I'm back from holiday.


Maybelline New York Master Sculpt Contour Kit


I'm not usually the type of person to buy something when a celebrity advertises it, but when I saw Mollie from the Saturdays doing it, I thought I'd try.

Estee Lauder Matte Coverage Concealer


I was running quite low on concealer and instead of going for my usual Benefit Boi-ing, I decided to give Estee Lauder a try as my every day makeup is mostly this brand.

Clean Chilli and Baked Potato


When it comes to baked potatoes, I'm not the most adventurous person. Usually I stick to baked beans or have a salad with it. But I found this chilli recipe and I thought I would give it a go - it was amazing! 


Clean Hamburgers and Crispy Sweet Potato Fries!


I stupidly forgot to take a pic of the finished product and of the crispy fries! but below are the burgers cooking away and the recipes, enjoy!


Looking forward to September


1. Starting College on the 7th. I'm so excited to learn something new! I originally wanted to do a course in counselling but I didn't think it was the best time to do it due to my own health, so now I'm doing a PDA in Administration. I have a year to do it but as it's home learning, I can finish it sooner than that. Once I complete this course, I will apply to do some IT modules, which then gives me a HNC in Business, IT and Administration qualification. Here's hoping it can push me further up the career ladder!

2. Summer holiday! Calum and I booked this last December and I'm glad we are going to get the last bit of sun before Autumn truly comes in. We are going to Menorca, which I'm really looking forward to as this is my first "hot" holiday.


Weight - A Big Issue


For as long as I can remember I've always worried about my weight.

I mean I've never been the skinny girl, I've never managed to fit into size 10 or below in clothes, but should weight really bother me that much?

At school, I was always called fat. I didn't let it bother me as much as I was very active and I was a typical teenager eating junk food in moderation with friends. So why has my weight started to bother me now?


My Affordable Hair Care Routine


Now, probably like any other girl, my hair is my pride and joy. I always try to look after it and sometimes I'm a bit too scared to try other brands in case my hair doesn't take to well to it. I have used the below products for years and so far, I've never had a bad hair day with any of them!


H&M Current Wishlist

Ladyboys of Bangkok


This is more of a photo diary of the event, but it was amazing!




Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew I had to come see it. I'm a massive John Green fan and have read all his books so far and this was one of my favourites!

Jim Davidson


As I've said in a previous post about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I was going to see Jim Davidson at the Edinburgh Playhouse with my Dad and Calum.

Monday Day Off!


On Monday, I had the day off! I felt like I hadn't been off for such a long time..

I got up at half 6 (I know..) as my kitchen and bathroom are being done up just now so needed to get a shower quickly! It was also my niece Charlotte's first day at primary school so I wanted to see her in her uniform. She looked so cute in it standing next to her friend, Brianna (below)!

Olivia Burton - The new Midi Chrono Collection!


Olivia Burton are a fairly new brand founded in 2012. And since then, I have seen the brand everywhere! I love how their products are on trend but with a vintage look. Who can't say no to that?

Accessorize Loving

My Picks from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015


In the month of August, Edinburgh turns into a massive festival - all day every day, through the night and in all weathers. There are show's for everyone.
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world's largest arts festival which started back in 1947, and still going strong today. Entertainers come from all over the world to show their talents. Whether it be comedy, dance, cabaret.. you name it, the festival will have it.
August is probably the best time for tourist's to come to experience this beautiful city. Fortunately, I've lived here all my life.



Everyone has an opinion on tattoos. That's fine. People get tattoos for all different kind of reasons.
I currently have nine tattoos, and I will be most definitely get more.

We made Sriracha Chicken!


Every Saturday, Calum and I try to make a home made meal from scratch. I love trying new things out and it's also giving Calum a new found confidence in the kitchen, a great thing for when we get our own house!

We found this recipe online, and it was so yummy, we needed to share it!


My Top Tourist Places to go in Edinburgh!


Even though I live in Edinburgh, its pretty cool to do all the tourist things. It's the best way to get to know your city. Even though I have been here for 24 years, I'm still discovering things!

Sexual Assault - My Story


This has taken a lot for me to even write this sentence, never mind the title.
I wanted to share my story with you, as I know a lot of men and women (men can be sexually assaulted too!), keep quiet and don't report any kind of unwanted sexual behaviour they're suffering. But on this day, I spoke up.
I was sexually assaulted on a Monday morning in October 2013.

Health - The thorn in my side.


This post is a bit of a moan, so thought I'd put a picture of Gizmo up as he kind of cheers me up. Actually, he always cheers me up. So, yeah..
For the past god knows how long, I've been feeling ill. Not the "I feel sick" kind or "I'm in pain". I can't really describe it.
I feel exhausted, dizzy sometimes, light headed.. The other day I got a bit light headed while driving which scared me as I scraped my wheel off a kerb as it veered to the side. This isn't normal.

Boyzone at Edinburgh Castle!


My mum wanted to see Boyzone for months, and I really struggled to get the tickets. The day before the concert, a work colleague could no longer go and offered me the tickets at face value. It was fate.

Deceiving Dress Sizes - Why?!


I was already feeling crap about myself at the weekend, but trying on my usual size in jeans and discovering they don't fit made me feel horrible.
This happens to me in lots of shops. My sizes vary from a size 10 - 16 depending where I buy things from and what the item is.

Ted 2


When I heard this film was coming out, I couldn't wait to see it, but I honestly didn't think they could top the first film. I was wrong.
A couple of my friends who seen it when it first came out said they didn't like it. I genuinely have no idea why, I couldn't stop laughing all the way through the film!

Weekend Round Up #2


The weekend was again, very busy for Calum and I. On Friday, I had to get my hair redone (unfortunately) but it's now how I would like it, so I'm pretty pleased.

Toxic People - How to recognise them and remove them from your life


I've been having problems with toxic people who claim to be friends for a very long time now. And for the last few months, I have started to notice who comes under this category and I've removed them from my life. I'm not saying it's easy as it's not, but once they were gone, I felt so much better. I always try and surround myself with positive energy and by removing them, it gives you an instant boost!

Vitamins and Supplements



Now if you know me quite well, you probably know I take about five different vitamins/supplements every morning without fail. A few I can see the physical benefits from and some help me from the inside. I told a few friends of one I take and they all got it and seen the benefits within a couple weeks!



Flowers have nothing to do with this blog post, but they always bring a smile to everyones face, right?

Weekend Round Up #1


This weekend has been jam packed! 

I desperately needed my hair done, so I went to my usual hairdresser and got blonde ends, I also wanted a trim but Kerry hates cutting my hair haha! I chop and change all the time, and some can be quite drastic. So she convinced me to let it grow a bit more, so booked my next trip to the hairdresser for that long overdue trim at the end of August.

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