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If you know me, you'll know I can be the sleepiest person ever or I can be up all night with insomnia - there's no in between! My room (especially my bed!) is my safe place and little haven. With the Summer nights upon us, there has been more nights I've not been able to sleep due to the warm weather, light seeping in through the crack in the curtain.. and extreme anxiety! Literally, anything and everything will keep me awake these days. So I thought enough is enough. And with a little help from the Yorkshire Linen Co, here are my tips on how I've started to manage to get more sleep this Summer.

My Stobo Castle Spa Day Experience


I turned 26 last week (yay). For some reason, it didn't feel like my birthday and I was kind of dreading it as it's one year closer to 30 and I still don't have my shit together. I still don't have a house. But when I look at my friends and how their lives mapped out, it's totally okay to not be there yet.

For my 26th birthday, Calum and I went to Stobo Castle which is based near Peebles in the Scottish Borders for a relaxing spa day. We made our way there about 8am as we are only about an hour away from Peebles. We got there for about 9am, and we felt a bit nervous as none of us had ever been to a spa before.

The building itself was gorgeous, half a historic castle and half modern architecture. We parked up, went inside and were greeted by the receptionist who booked us in. She asked us to take a seat in what I can only describe as a massive room with a gorgeous tree in the middle, strewn with lots of comfortable sofas. A lovely beautician then came over to chat to us about our treatments we pre-picked, any medical history and to give us our robe and slippers. 

The Struggle of being a First Time Buyer


This post is more of a rant..

I'm so fed up at looking at homes. Calum and I have been looking for a house for about a year now and we still can't find anything suitable enough.

I know the biggest problem in our house hunt is that we don't want a flat, we want a house. A lot of people say we should just get a flat to get on the market, but why should we? Getting a flat in Edinburgh is bad enough as it is, plus we both have cars so it just wouldn't suit. We are keen to move away from Edinburgh to East or Midlothian - surrounded by the countryside or near beaches.

My Smear Test Experience


Smear tests. They don't sound nice, but it will save your life.

In Scotland, the age to start getting these tests was 20 years old. They have now upped the age in 2016 to 25 to be in line with England and Wales. In my opinion, this is like the NHS playing Russian roulette with women's lives.

Inspirational Women


I feel like in the last couple years us women have really been sticking together, whether it's celebrities standing up for women rights or us blogger girls helping each other out - I see it more and more each day! This is such a far cry from ten years ago when I was a teenager and girls were pretty mean (they maybe still are but I don't see it). Our voices have never been as loud as they are now.

Date Night Ideas


With Valentine's day slowly looming upon us again, what's not to love when you're spoiling your partner and being spoiled back?

Date nights isn't only for Valentine's day, nor is it for new couples or the young. You can be with your partner for fifty years and still have a date night weekly! To me, it keeps a relationship fresh and keeps it healthy.

I thought I would let you know what my favourite kind of date nights are!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat Moisturiser Review


I've suffered from oily skin and acne for about 14 years. I have tried literally everything to try and clear my skin - medication from doctors, microdermabrasion, herbal remedies, lots of different lotions and potions.. Some had worked but for a very short time and some didn't work at all! I've probably spent well over a thousand pounds trying to find a solution.

Then I found this.

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